Booking Engine

  • Online, in person, and phone reservations
  • 0.00001% chance of double booking4
  • Pay now / pay later funtuality
  • Charge for last minute cancellations/ no-show
  • Reservation list
  • Accommodation block out and maintenance modes


  • Create members
  • Manage memberships and annual dues
  • Soft background check1
  • Blacklisted members warning2
  • History, payment methods, visit tracking
  • Photo capture

Members Portal

  • Online interactive self-help
  • Limited features on expired annual dues3
  • Member to member messaging
  • Social feed (social media environment)
  • Secure portal to prevent nonmember access

Communications with existing and potential clients

  • Text messages5
  • Push notifications5
  • Email reminders6
  • Email Blasts5


  • You or members can contact helpdesk direct from the system.
  • 24/7 support for urgent issues.