Fully Feature System
Like No Other.

Rest assured you’re getting the best deal with TraxMMS. Just our core features alone would take 3 other different pieces of software.

Core Features
No Limits

Full Membership Management

Trax features a robust member management system that is capable of tracking:

  • Membership Dues & Renewals
  • Member Reservation History
  • Contact Information
  • Profile Details
  • Payment methods
  • Transaction History
  • Account Credit Balance

Complete Reservation System

TraxMMS offers a complete reservation management system. Featuring just about everything:

  • Online Reservations
  • Extra Guest Registration
  • Incidental Charges
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Upfront Payments
  • Edit Bookings
  • Block Accommodations
  • RV Space Rental

Automatic Tax Calculations

TraxMMS will automatically calculate your hotel tax and sales tax. Simple create your tax rates and assign them to accommodations as products. Our built in reporting tools allows you to easily get total tax calculations for a given period on each tax rate you collected. Tax calculation is also avalible in the integrated Point of Sale software.

TraxMMS Core Features

Member Management

Every member has a profile with their information. Staff and members can update their information at any time such as:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Mailing Address

Member’s profiles are linked to all their activities, from day passes to overnight stays. Allowing staff to see loyalty or previous information.

Membership dues are a vital part to member-only establishments. TraxMMS was built around this very feature. TraxMMS can fully manage dues:

  • Membership Renwals
  • Dues collections

Memberships can also be set into a custom duration from month to month, to annually.

In addition, membership dues can be turned off for establishments that do not charge dues.

Member Credit is a newer feature that allows members to keep funds attached to their account. To prevent looses, member’s credit can only be positive, avoiding any unpaid balances. Member Credit can be used for many functions:

  • Refunds can be applied to member’s credit.
  • Used for reservations
  • Pay membership dues
  • Make purchases onsite

This feature allows members to purchase things at your establishment without the need for their wallet and saves you on processing fees. For security, member’s pictures are typically on their profile to match the purchaser to the account holder.

Season Passes

Season passes are a great way to ensure repeat members. Or gain extra revenue.

TraxMMS allows you to create multiple season passes with different products the cover.

Members can purchase a season pass online or in-person.


*Members can only have 1 active season pass at a time.

The Dashboard

The dashboard in TraxMMS get’s its own section due to the robust power it holds. From checking in/out members to housekeeping.

The Dashboard in TraxMMS tracks members, reservations, and accommodations in real-time.

From the dashboard, staff can see:

  • How many member’s are checked-in and on site and where they are staying.
  • Reservations that are checking-in that day.
  • Members that are scheduled to check-out that day.
  • Accommodations in need of housekeeping.

TraxMMS allows you to check-in members on days passes and/or reservations. Allowing staff to track locker numbers and room keys.

Once a member is checked-in, they will show in the Members Onsite, with location information and checkout time.

The checking-out function allows staff to checkout a member and make sure lockers and keys are returned. This also ensures members checkout at the required time.

The dashboard features a live overview of your accommodation status, from blocked rooms, rooms in need of cleaning, and rooms that are made ready for check-in.

Our mobile friendly software allows housekeeping staff to enter accommodation information, such as room is ready, incidental damages, or products for sale that have been used, allowing staff to charge member’s payment method.

Event Management

Just about every type of organization has some type of event. TraxMMS is ready for it!

Members can view your event calendar and see your events, details, and event poster.

TraxMMS feature 2 event types that server multiple purposes. The overall purpose is to change pricing of day passes and accommodations.

TraxMMS considered a standard event, as a nightly increase for the duration.

When a standard event is created, TraxMMS will charge the “Event Rate” that is listed for each accommodation, for each night of the event.

TraxMMS considers inclusive events as a flat rate price.

Inclusive events require a member to book the entirety of the event.

When creating an Inclusive Event, accommodation are broken into categories for flat rate pricing for a reservation’s total cost.


Toss out that expensive 3rd party online reservation system! TraxMMS has a very easy to use online reservation tool for your members with a very dynamic pricing ability:

  • Charge standard rates on weeknight (sun – thurs)
  • Charge higher rates on weekends (fri & sat)
  • Require a 2 night minimum on weekends.
  • Increase cost for events.

TraxMMS always saves member’s payment information when booking a reservation for use against incidentals. This feature allows you to charge a member for damages, used room amenities, mini-bars, and snacks.

Cancellations are responsible for a large amount of revenue loss. To help combat this, TraMMS features a cancellation policy enforcement. Set your policy up to 3 tiers, with multiple options.


  • Cancel 30+ days prior, member receives full refund to their payment method used.
  • Cancel 15+ days prior, receive a partial refund.
  • Cancel less that 15 days prior, forfeit cost or refund amount to member’s credit to get them back.

Double booking and overbooking are still a big problem, but not with TraxMMS. In our 7 year span, only once has a double booking occurred, meaning our system is 99% accurate and still improving.

Typically, double bookings happen when reservation dates are changed by staff. To prevent this, TraxMMS double checks the new days to make sure they do not interfere with any other bookings.

Additionally, our reservation engine has a secret formula to prevent multible members from booking the same accommodation as the same time.

Credit Card Processing

TraxMMS uses Stripe, Inc for payment processing. Stripe allows TraxMMS to handle all your business activities from reservations to refunds.

Stripe is an easy to setup payment processor vendor:

  • No credit checks
  • No minimums
  • No contracts
  • Accepts payments in a little as 10 minutes.


*As of 5/1/2022, support for Stripe and Authorize.Net has been dropped.

TraxMMS can process credit cards by members and staff. A payment terminal is required for in-person payments. Our easy payment terminals are wireless, portable, and affordable.

Card terminals are provided by Stripe and can either be purchased or leased through TraxMMS. Due to the level of programming, TraxMMS does not support “bring your own device”.

Our terminals support:

  • Magstripe
  • EMV Chip Readers
  • Contactless NFC
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

See hardware for more information.

Stripe allows TraxMMS to support online payments by your members, from reservations to season passes, members can take care of anything from their members’ portal.


Off session payments is the act of charging a payment method without the card or card holder.

This ability allows you to charge incidentals and auto renewals.


When it comes to accommodations, most have something unique about them that a member would specifically want, whether its amenities, size, or location. TraxMMS let’s you create each individual accommodations and provide pictures, information, and a sales pitch.

Rates are always changing from week nights and weekends to events. Instead of having to manually change rates. TraxMMS allows 3 pricing tiers per accommodation:

  • Nightly Rate (Sun-Thurs)
  • Weekend Rate (Fri-Sat)
  • Event rate. This is used for events that require the accommodation rate to be elevated.

Sometimes accommodations need to be hidden from either maintenance to simply unavailable. Accommodations can be blocked out from a start date to an end date.

This allows the accommodation to be hidden from the reservation engine. Additionally, when blocking an accommodation, TraxMMS will make sure there isn’t already a reservation, or errors to allow staff to move the existing reservation first.

Accommodations have the ability to have up-charges, such as:

  • Cost per additional guest
  • Pet Fees
  • Misc Fees

TraxMMS Add-ons & Features

RV Space Lease Manager

Lease agreements are created for RVers requesting to lease an RV space for 30+ days.

Leases can be created for any duration, such as month to month, semi-annual, and annual.

Leases bill monthly.

When creating a lease agreement, TraxMMS let’s up scan and upload a signed copy of a member’s lease. This allows staff and member to view it at any time.

When creating a lease, staff can add in lease duration, monthly amount, and monthly due date.

With this information, TraxMMS will automatically email the member 15 days and 2 days before their due date. This allows members to pay online without the need to get money orders or visit the office.

TraxMMS can also track lease deposits and offer to return or keep at the end of the lease.

The RV Space Lease Manager can also bill the member for electricity usage. This can bill as a flat rate or by actual Kw meter readings.

*Coming Soon: Trax Electric Meters. Our meters will report real-time usage and bill at the Kw rate set in the system. For more information, please contact us.

When a lease is 45 days near it’s end date, TraxMMS will show it on The Dashbord, allowing staff to send a renewal offer or to terminate the lease.

If chosen to renew, TraxMMS will allow editing of pricing and email the renewal offer to the member, allowing the member to accept the renewal online.

SMS Text Messaging

Season passes are a great way to ensure repeat members. Or gain extra revenue.

TraxMMS allows you to create multiple season passes with different products the cover.

Members can purchase a season pass online or in-person.


*Members can only have 1 active season pass at a time.

Member Social

TraxMMS features a social media add-on that allows members to interact in the security of your organization. This allows members to post what they’d like with the security of it staying within your organization.

When the Member Social add-on is activated, this allows members to see a timeline, much like a typically social media news feed, allowing staff and members to post, like, and comment.

This allows members to get familiar with each other and gives your organization free advertising.

Staff has the ability to delete any postings or comments.

In addition to a member’s profile that the staff can see. Member Social has a separate one, allowing members to customize everything. Member can:

  • Set a custom name
  • Show/Hide Birthday
  • Show/Hide location
  • Show/Hide Profile picture
  • Create a bio
  • Create stats and interests.

In addition to profiles, members have the ability to directly message one another. Allowing for the creation of new friends, maybe more.

The direct chat allows members to block, report or respond to messages.

For added security, out AI chat mod will hide and/or report:

  • Violence (reports)
  • Harassment (reports)
  • Phone numbers (hides)
  • Addresses (Hides)
  • Email (Hides)

Our AI helps ensure that members stay inside the system, this creates a return on investment.

Member Social has added features to ensure more revenue and member loyalty is gained.

If a member’s dues are not current:

  • Members have a read only access.
  • Members can’t message or respond to a message.
  • Can’t post, like or comment on newsfeed.

Once a member renews their membership, all options are immediately restored.

Additional security is added to protect content and identity of members using Member Social.

  • New members that signup online or by phone, can’t access the member social add-on until they have physically checked-in.
  • Preventative measures added to prevent the downloads and screenshots of images and videos. (this is not guaranteed, but is a deterrent)

Credit Card Application Fee Removal

In order to make TraxMMS affordable for everyone, a 1% application fee is imposed on all credit card transactions.

This add-on provides the option to remove this application fee.

For organizations that need to save costs where possible, can choose to pay the 1% allowing for a more affordable monthly cost.

For organizations that process a high volume of credit cards, this add-on could be a huge savings!

This add-on can even be enabled and disabled in your busy and slow seasons.