Finally. Member Management on Trax.

A system to manage members and online reservations!


With better uptime than Amazon, you can relax knowing that your business will keep running, 24/7.


Modernize your business with online reservations. No more over booking.


Let your members pay for membership and reservations with our simplistic, secured payment integration.


Membership Management

Track your members with ease. TraxMMS allows members to signup or apply online. Track how many members you have, along with who as paid their annual dues!

Annual Membership

TraxMMS allows you to charge annual memberships based on calendar year or seasonal.

Discreet System

Take pride knowing your members' information is secured. TraxMMS is a perfect fit for Nudist Retreats, LGBTQ Campgrounds, and every other discreet establishment.

RV Space Leasing Coming Soon!

TraxMMS can manage your long term RV'ers with auto billing, never worry about it again. In addition to monthly billing, TraxMMS can track and bill by power meaters, water, or other additional fees.


Let your members book online or in person with the integrated booking engine. Members can pay while booking or upon arrival.

Reservation Grid

Easily see reservations for the entire month at one time with our interactive reservation grid, create quick reservations, block out, and see live reservation status.

Social Network Coming Soon!

TraxMMS has a private member only social network to allow your members to privately interact with one another and post to a private news wall. Only approved members can interact to ensure the discreet infrastructure.

Text Messaging

With our integrated SMS ability. Users can send mass text messages to members on site for announcements, such as activities, show starting, etc

Who is where

TraxMMS allows you to check-in members by their reservation or day pass.This allows you to track who is present, when they leave, and where they are staying.

Online Day Pass New!

TraxMMS now has the ability for members to purchase day passes online prior to their arrival, allowing for a less contact check-in process!

Email Reminders

What to keep your members' membership current? TraxMMS can email members once their membership is near expiration, driving more to stay current.

Mass Emails New!

Tired of using 3rd party systems to send out announcements? TraxMMS now has the ability to send mass email announcements to current, expired, and former members!

What Clients & Members Say

Finally, we can still make revenue off last minute reservations cancellations. This was lost revenue until switching to this system!
Before using this system, I was buried in spreadsheets that often went without updates. So many missed visitors that we could send event emails to.
S. H.
It's so easy to be able to login and book a reservation without having to email, and hope the office staff replies in time.
Member / User
No more double bookings!! This is my most loved feature.
Paul R.
Our events used to be overbooked and we'd have to turn away members, which is bad for business. Now we trust Trax to make sure we are not overbooked.
Jonathan K.
Camp Manager
We had no idea how much money was being lost due to office staff manually tracking things. Since we started using this server, we've had a huge profit increase!
Tony G.

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